Body Kun + Body Chan - Takarai Rihito Ed. Models - Grey (2in1 Special Deal)

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Still losing your time looking for artistic references for poses that exactly matches your imagination?

Struggling in your figure drawing, manga drawing or illustration, you don't have to waste your time searching them on internet.

This offer include the best drawing figures on the market: Body kun Takarai Rihito Edition +body chan Yabuki Kentarou edition models 2 in 1 discounted bundle.


  • Highly realistic, fully articulated
  • 30 angles of rotation
  • Color: Grey
  • Dimensions: Body-kun figure (16cm), Body-Chan figure (14cm)
  • Each figure with 23 interchangeable hands and tools.
  • High quality, Ultra flexible

Our Special 2 in 1 Bundle Offer

What You Will Get: 

  • Body kun Takarai Rihito Edition model (16 cm) (with it's display stand & all accessories)
  • Body chan Yabuki Kentarou Edition model (14 cm) (with it's display stand & all accessories)

Each figure comes with 23 extra hands, and a lot of accessories such as a shield, sword ,arms crossed, legs folded underneath, plate/cups, etc...

Why Choose Our Body kun + Body Chan Takarai Rihito Edition 2 In 1 bundle?

As an artist, you always want to come up with amazing results and to bring your imaginations into reality.

Our Body kun and Body Chan drawing models offer excellent tools to bring your creative ideas to desk in a unique way.

We understand that every creative master piece that you make requires a lot of hard work and dedication. The body kun models and the Body Chan models on our website showcase the desired poses. Not only that, they will also stay that way as you want them to.

Another important feature of our drawing figures is their quality which is our priority and you will be impressed by it.


 Body kun Takarai Rihito Edition +body chan Yabuki Kentarou edition models 2 in 1 discounted bundle.

Not Just Drawing Figures

Our body kun and Body Chan figures are not just drawing figures. They can be used for a variety of projects like photography, video creation or animation.The body kun and Body Chan figures can also be used as a desktop decoration, as an amazing gift for children and adults and for understanding human anatomy.

Help You Boost Your Creativity

Our body-kun Takarai Rihito edition models and body-chan Yabuki Kentarou edition figures offer amazing reference poses that help you to increase your creativity. They are highly articulated and flexible and will help you design a masterpiece beyond your imagination.

Thirty Angles of Rotation

The thirty angles of rotation of our drawing figures will allow easy realization of your creation. Get rid of old wooden mannequins with limited movement and flexibility. Our body kun and body chan dolls allow installation of almost any pose.

Why Should I Buy These Drawing Figures?

Our body kun and body chan mannequins are better than most other artist’s drawing figures you will find. They are highly flexible, articulated with unlimited possibilities.

What accessories are included in the bundle?

Our special 2 in 1 bundle also include accessories with each drawing figure like Katana, laptop, gun, sword etc.

Can your body-kun and body-chan figures mimic the poses of human body?

Yes, our drawing figures are like real human. Joints are flexible and movable (joints can also be rotated as well as moving up and down), which help the artist to work on difficult aspects of drawing. 

Grab Our Special 2 IN 1 Bundle Offer Now.

Don't waste your time and get your body-kun Takarai Rihito +body-chan Yabuki Kentarou Edition model 2 in 1 bundle offer now. Check our products and you will be surprised by our quality. We are offering best quality that is required for drawing and creativity.