Body kun Drawing Figures Models for Artists

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As all Artist trying to expand your creativity? 

You sometimes waste hours looking for specific reference poses online? 

Wait no more with our Body-kun and Body-chan models! 

For Drawing and Illustration

These Body-kun drawing figures are very articulated and will get you the perfect human gestures. Thanks to these dolls, expect an unlimited amount of references, right at your finger tips.

If you're into drawing and illustration, these will be a huge help for you, especially when you're trying to draw more complex poses that are a harder to draw from imagination.

Bodykun figurines are also beginner friendly and will improve their drawing skills. Practicing your figure or manga drawings with Body-kun and Body-chan, you will you will see better results in no time! 

Trying to draw the human anatomy, lean proportions, shortcuts or how to draw all kinds of realistic poses you will get there fast with the best figures in the market the body-kun.

You will not find this level of realism and posing capabilities in any other artist figures on the market.

manga drawing with bodykun models


For Photography/Animation

Many artists buy these figures also for their photography and films projects.

We've had all sorts of photographers contact us, ranging from professional Wedding photographers to more casual hobbyists looking for fun and exciting new ideas.

Have fun Posing Body-kun and Body-chan models with how natural their poses look, you can pose them in all sorts of situations, to pass to your creativity!

Body-kun drawing figures are also great for stop-motion creations, photography and animation design.