Body Kun Model Grey - Takarai Rihito Ed.

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You're an art professional in drawing figures, drawing manga, digital drawing photography and illustrations, trying to save time and expand your creativity?

Always looking for reference images online to get the right poses for your new art creations? 

You're just someone creative and looking for a fun new art project?

The Body Kun Grey Takarai Rihito Edition Artist Figures is exactly what you need!

This is the best action or drawing figures that can help you to enhance your creativity, available in both the male and the female version.   

Body-kun Models are the perfect choice for artists. These drawing figures allow artists to work professionally without any disturbance.

This model is available in grey takarai rihito edition which seems to be perfect for industrial purposes like sketching, photography, videography, decoration, painting, collections, gifts, etc.

These are created by using high-quality material with ultimate flexibility.

These are articulated in such a way that they can fit in any pose that you are thinking about.

These are most suitable for the artists who urge for sketching and want to have a small-sized figure, that can be paused in a particular pose until their project is done.

These drawing figures consist of extra hands and some other parts like pedestal support, movable joint, etc.


Body Kun models are the most popular drawing figures in the art industry.

Let’s talk about their features and see what makes them different from other products in the market.

  • Flexible enough to be turned in any pose.
  • Perfect helping product for sketching
  • The weight of the model has 16 cm in height
  • Each figure comes with one sword
  • Both male and female models are available

These are the features that make them outstanding in the art figures world.

body kun grey takarai rihito edition

Benefits of Body Kun grey takarai rihito edition Models

They are beneficial for the artists, photographers, videographers, as they are capable of fixing themselves into any pose. They are very flexible and can mimic the perfect human gestures. 

  1. Can they be used for professional work?

Yes, they are prepared for the professionals to help them in achieving their goals. 

  1. Both male and female models?

Both male called body-kun and female called body-chan versions are available. 

  1. What comes with each bodykun drawing figure?

Extra hands, sword, stand, multiple accessories, also other flexible joints are available. 

  1. Delivery restrictions? shipping time?

No, we can ship the body kun dolls almost worldwide except some troubled countries and due to the extremely high demand on it please be patient expect 2-6 weeks for it to arrive. 

Content of our Offer

  • One Body-kun Grey - Takarai Rihito Edition Model(16 cm) (display stand + all accessories)  Figure comes with 23 extra hands, and a lot of accessories such as a shield, sword, arms crossed, legs folded underneath for sitting position, plate/cups, etc...

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Our body-kun grey takarai rihito edition models are the most flexible figurines. We ensure high-quality material with extra tools that help professionals to imprint the exact image on the drawing sheet as they have imagined.

We guarantee the best products from our side, be assured, you will never regret purchasing our figures.