Body Kun Model - World Tour

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Every artist is looking for amazing reference poses that also have endless movement possibilities.

If so, you are on the right place, You will love our body kun world tour limited edition drawing male figure.

Body kun and Body chan are available this time in Limited World Tour Collector's Edition!


  • High quality, ultra-flexible
  • Improved articulation with more precision
  • Even cooler than before.
  • Full set of accessories (with each figure)
  • Extra sets of hands (with each figure)
  • Beautiful packaging


body chan world tour models

Why Body Kun World Tour limited edition?

A great advantage of our body kun and body chan world tour limited edition is the wide spread variety of these models. These drawing figures are best for beginners trying to improve drawing skills. Using these drawing figures, you will learn a lot better and faster.


It Is Time Saving

We understand that your time is your asset. So act smart, save your time and be realistic in your drawings with our drawing figures.

Get rid of old wooden mannequin, a whole waste of time and money. These body kun figures (male) have all real human features making it easier for you to bring your imagination into reality. 


Highly Realistic: Created with Artist in Mind

The body kun world tour models will allow you to reproduce with accuracy and precision, the exact pose of your imagination.

The thirty angles of rotation of articulated model allow easy realization of your creation. There are almost endless possibilities with our body kun drawing figures.


Need the Perfect Reference Poses? No Worries

Using our body kun figures, you don't have to worry about the reference poses. All you have to do is to focus on your art and imagination. Leave the rest to our body kun figures.


Are the body kun world tour figures reliable?

We focus on bringing quality products that you can rely on. Our body kun figures and body kun figures are very durable and you can use them as a base for your sketching and drawing.


What makes these drawing figures worth buying?

What makes these drawing figures worth buying is that they can easily be moved around as they are highly articulated. Our drawing figures are not like those on the market that have limited movement and are also difficult to use.


Are the body kun figures affordable?

Yes, body kun drawing figures are affordable with best prices in the market. You can never find a body kun deal of such quality and durability at such a reasonable price anywhere on the market.


Order Now, Limited Time Promotion!

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Attention! The Display Stand is NOT Included with this Limited edition figure.